I'm Not Human Like You

by The Gremlin

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released May 1, 2017


all rights reserved



The Gremlin

the story of a gremlin trapped in a world built for humans

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Track Name: Special Occasions feat. Broad Run
I think I get why you turned down our last kiss; it was a painful one.
What happened next is still mysterious.
I thought that we were done.

Can it please happen again?
What do I have to do?
What if I wrote you a song?
Then can we get back together?

Special occasions are far too uncommon, if realistic at all.
Don't get me wrong, I wish I could've prolonged it; the blow before the fall.

If it wasn't for that,
I would not have been able to
follow through with this
Your promise of a second chance...
Track Name: I Wrote You A Song
I guess this is the perfect time to think,
once I wipe these tears off of my cheek.
Was it really love or just a long, long time together?
Either way it killed to say goodbye...

How did I go so long without writing you a song?
Wish I had another opportunity
to write about your gorgeous hair, the way you laugh, your beautiful smile...
Yeah, it was more than time.

I wanted you to laugh at my jokes.
I wish we coulda went on better dates.
Gonna miss the little things- your dogs, your mom, the cups of tea.
Sometimes I think we matched perfectly.

I don't have time for all the things I wanna say,
so trust me when I tell you I wish I woulda stayed.

I gotta letchu go, or I gotta getcha back.
I can't stay here forever; i’m a close incoming wreck.
Why can't I love what's in my hand?
Now that it's empty I can't stand
the thought of having it filled with another.

What do you still think about me?
Why are you still in my dreams?
I thought this would be easier,
but now I'm scared to fall asleep.

Our personalities were not meant to be,
but physically and emotionally,
how could I question our compatibility?

Cashing out at two full years
I thought that I was right in turning down the perfect girl.
I can't remember why...

I can't remember why.
Track Name: Eleven Eleven (Solla Sollew)
I can only pretend to be human for one more song.
But even then, I don't know if I can last that long.

Purple flowers, kisses in the car.
Melting words can only go so far.
Apparently, I don't know what to wish for anymore.

Anymore... anymore...

A time that meant the world, doesn't matter anymore.

Is the world disappearing?
This loneliness; I shoulda known.
One day I'm good, and then I'm dead.
Maybe I chose to be alone?

What if I wrote you an album
on the biggest label in the world?
What if a thousand people cried to these songs about how
I lost the perfect girl.

Anymore… I don't have you anymore...

Maybe I chose to be alone...

And suddenly I felt the biggest weight off my shoulders,
to be replaced with a cloud above my head.

I don't want your pity,
I just want how it used to be,
but my legs don't work like they used to.
I'm sorry
I lost you

I don't care if I'm not human like you.

This one didn't end up like I intended it to.
I still hope you enjoyed it; this song, about how much I love you.

Just take me back to Solla Sollew.

I don't care if I'm not human